The name Amurru (Am-urru) literally means the People(Am) of Light(Ur) and referred to the Westward moving Hamitic and Semitic tribesman who migrated from Mesopotamia to the most Western part of Asuwa(Asia) now known as the Levant.This included the Lands of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine which were collectively referred to as the Lands of the Amurru. 

 Although Amurru literally translated as the People of Light, in the earliest Semitic language of Akkadian it meant Western. This was due to the fact that the Sun(Light) sets in the West and therefore the Western migrating people moved in the direction of the setting sun.

 The Western migration pattern of the Amurru was part of a divinely mandated mission in which the Amurru were to inherit the Eastern and Western Lands. Upon settling or taking over a designated Western Land the Amurru or People of the Westerly Traveling Light became known as the People of the Sunset or Evening which is Ereb, Erev or Arab. Therefore the Amurru were also known as the Arabs.

 Crossing over from the Levant many of the Amurru entered East Africa. In Ethiopia among the ancient Omotic peoples there is a tribe that still bears the name Amuru and in Northern Uganda there is a district called Amurru. Those among the Amurru who settled around the Somalian Port of Berbera became known as Berbers. The Amurru who reached the most Western part of Africa founded Morocco and Mauritania. There they were commonly referred to as Moors(Amurru) and Berbers. The names Mauri, Mor, Moro and Moor are all rooted in the original Amurru meaning Western. 

Philip K. Hitti who introduced the field of Arab studies in the United States and who received his PhD from Columbia University where he taught Semitic languages makes it clear that the word Moor or Mauri means Western(Amurru)

(A Comprehensive History of the Arabs)

The Arabs, A Short Histoy - Phillip Khurri Hitti - 1943 Princeton University Press 5th revised printing 1949 published by special arrangement with Princeton University Press. This book is based on Mr. Hitti's History of the Arabs. Published by Macmillan Company Ltd

- Page 200
' All Muslims who remained in the country(Spain) after Grenada was captured were now called Moriscos Spanish for Little Moors. The Romans called West africa Mauretania and its inhabitants Mauri(Presumably of Phoenician origin meaning Western) whence the Spanish Moro and the English Moor."

 The general usage of the term Amurru or Amorite refers to the Westward moving Semitic and Hamitic tribesman and should not be confused with the specific Amorite tribe that were counted among the Canaanites. Although the latter belongs to the former, the former is more expansive and inclusive.  Abraham and Lot were both counted among the Westward moving Amurru.As the chosen Moor Abraham inherited the sacred Lands at Jerusalem known as Moriah. Mount Moriah was the site where Abraham intended to sacrifice Isaac, it was the site where Jacob ascended and was renamed Israel, it was the site of the former Solomonic Temple, the site where Jesus threw out the money changers and finally the site of the Prophet Muhammad's purifying ascension.


 The Amurru called the most Western Lands Amorica(America) meaning the Land of the Amori or Amorite. Amorite is the anglicized version of Amurru which in turn is the etymological root of the term Moor.The Roman Suffix CA as in Africa or America means the Land thereof. Just as Africa means the Land of the Afri People, Amorica means the Land of the Amori which is the Amorite or Amurru. Amorica is the final westward migration and settlement of the Amurru. It is the Western Lands that were promised to the Children of Israel. 

SURAH 7:137
And We made the people who were deemed weak to inherit the Eastern lands and the Western lands which We had blessed; and the good word of your Lord was fulfilled in the children of Israel ....

SURAH 2:115
And Allah's is the East and the West, therefore, whither you turn, thither is Allah's purpose; surely Allah is Ample giving, Knowing.